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German Artist,         
Jeannette was born 1974, in Leipzig, Germany. Her mother and father educated her well on the value of hard work and the importance of achieving her goals. At the age of 16 she moved to Frankfurt am Main to attend Beauty School at the famous Salon "Kochanski" - 2002 Award winner as  "The Best Salon in Germany". Jeannette  worked long and hard a hard to perfect her skills.  After three years in beauty school Jeannette earned her first award as" The Best Hairstylist in Germany".
        Jeannette's goal has always been to improve herself and develop her art by pursuing different cateet opportunities. She followed her beauty school traning with very successful period working for Motion Picture and Television Production Companies as well as for major magazine publishers. This provided her with access to very high end clientele which, in turn gave her the time and opportunity to further develop her creativity. Nine years later she returned to school and successfully passed her Masters Degree in Hairstyling exams.
      Next jeannette moved to Duesseldorf to join the famous Beauty Company "Oliver Schmidt Hairdesign" - 2000-2001-2003 Award winner as "The Best Salon in Germany". While with Oliver Schmidt she traveled all over Europe to participate in Fashion Shows, Special Events and Hair Design Exibitions. She has written a technical book for hairstylists and articles for professional magazines. In addition she has developed prosucts for beauty industry which are in gerneral use today. She has held the postions of hairstylist, teacher, artistic director and creative director and she has earned many awards for her work.
      In 2006, Jeannette moved to Los Angeles, California. Her goal in the United States is to continue teaching advanced techniques, develop her own line of beauty products and to return to her main passion which is working with Motion Pictures and television Production companies.